Hello world,

In September 2010, I made the big move from California to Spain. I was previously working in beautiful Santa Barbara, California. But I wanted a big change, so I moved to Madrid to continue exploring the world, teach English, and also to work at an amazing humanitarian non-profit.

I have a confession to reveal… I am addicted to taking photos, I take tons of photos BUT I have been really behind at organizing/editing/uploading photos online. One of the main reasons I love taking photos is that I want to share them with my friends and family!

Before I moved to Spain, I had the intention of maintaining a blog to document my global adventures. But I got so busy with many things that I kinda brushed the blog aside….

But NOW, I am really excited to start up my blog again. Traveling and photography are some of my true passions and I really want to document my trips and adventures for myself, and to share them with the world!

Since I made the big move to Madrid, I have been lucky enough to travel extensively. So my goal is to back track a bit, and I am going to initially post photos and stories and re-visit my trips from last year. And after I get ON TRACK, I will continue to blog about any upcoming trips and adventures AS THEY HAPPEN.

I hope you have fun looking at my photos and learning about my adventures! Stay tuned!

Besos y abrazos :)